Hallmark Movie Channel Premieres Their First Original Movie

The Hallmark Movie Channel plays all kinds of wonderful family programming and...

They will Premiere Their First Original Movie this upcoming weekend...

It's an Indian Movie, titled: The Wild Girl - starring Brian Austin Green (90210).

The Movie Premieres on April 24th, 2010, Saturday Night at 8 PM.

I unfortunately do not have this station (Hallmark Movie Channel) , so I won't be able to catch this premiere. Hopefully, they will air it eventually on the Hallmark Channel, as well.

I have DirecTV, and as of now, you have to have DirecTV HD to get the Hallmark Movie Channel. It surprises me that DirecTV (without HD) does not carry the Hallmark Movie Channel when DISH does and SKY ANGEL. I keep hoping DirecTV will pick up this station, too!

Click Here for more details + pictures of The Wild Girl.

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