Lucy is Back on the Hallmark Channel !!!!

Starting Today ~I Love Lucy: The Complete Series

I Love Lucy is back on the Hallmark Channel.... Yeah!!!

It will air weekdays 9 AM - 12 Noon !

Enjoy it while it lasts!!! And, I sure do hope it lasts this time around!

Do you all like the time they chose for it to air?

I think I would love it at night, too... after Hallmark's prime time movie at 11 PM. It's such a delightful funny show - it would be great to end the day with laughing at Lucy!

Enjoy!!! Oh, and the May 2nd Lucy Marathon has been extended!!!! It will start at 6 AM and end at 4 AM! That is 22 hours of I Love Lucy now!!!

Click Here to see the List of Episodes Airing.

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