Charlie Brown in Prime Time... Play Ball !!!

Peanuts - Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie BrownOn Wednesday - July 14th, 2010
will air at 8 PM est on ABC.

This is a Baseball Story.

Synopsis from DVD:

Charlie Brown and his friends deliver another hit with this winning Peanuts Classic!

It's not easy managing a baseball team...especially when your team has lost 900 games in a row. But when manager Charlie Brown has the opportunity to trade his worst player, Lucy, he thinks his fortunes might finally change. Will Lucy's replacement, Marcie, lead the team to victory...or is Charlie Brown doomed to suffer another season of defeat? Find out in this delightful adventure from the timeless series kids and parents love.

Charlie Brown airs several times a year in Prime Time.

Valentine's Day
New Year

Peanuts - This Is America, Charlie BrownI was rather surprised they didn't choose to air an episode about the 4th of July. So, I went to check out the Charlie Brown shows and episodes and remembered the DVD special titled:  This is America, Charlie Brown.

The DVD of this Special includes:

Disc One: The Mayflower Voyagers, The Birth of the Constitution, The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk, The NASA Space Station

Disc Two: The Building of the Transcontinental Railroad, The Great Inventors, The Smithsonian and the Presidency, The Music and Heroes of America

I can imagine, among all of these Charlie Brown specials, they could have compiled something special for our Nation's Independence. It's too bad, because these are great educational history lessons for children and adults.

The Back Cover of the VHS version of The Birth of the Constitution episode says:

"Join the Peanuts gang when they help the Founding Fathers compose The Constitution."
That sounds Perfect for the 4th of July and the episode is 24 minutes long - ideal for a 30 minute time slot!
Guess we'll have to watch it on DVD and hope they play it Next Year!
Until then, Catch Charlie Brown on Wednesday Night playing Baseball with all the Peanuts Gang!
God Bless America and All Who Love and Defend Her!!!

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