News for "The November Christmas" - Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie

I mentioned in a previous post this month (July 2010) that there will be a new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie titled The November Christmas.

This is the Movie – I told you that I have found details about, slowly, like a Puzzle with many Pieces. Well, now the pieces fit together!

In addition to earlier learning two members of the cast list, John Corbett and Sam Elliott, and finding a short synopsis (below), I received an e-mail from the writer of the story, Mr. Greg Coppa. He sent me information regarding the main cast list and his short story, in which the movie is based.

The Storyline Synopsis: The parents of a little girl with cancer overcome their personal issues to celebrate Christmas early so their daughter may enjoy it.

I felt honored to read Mr. Coppa's story, and am looking so forward to seeing the Hallmark Hall of Fame production. It is truly a heartwarming story of an older couple who reach out to a young family, whose little girl is ill, and touch all of their hearts in an early November Christmas!

Click here to read more about the movie plot.


Sam Elliott ... Jess

Karen Allen ... Claire, Jess’s wife

John Corbett ... Tom, Vanessa’s Dad

Sarah Paulson ... Beth, Vanessa’s Mom

Emily Alyn Lind ... Vanessa

Click here to read more about the Movie Plot and see when this Movie will air on TV.

(Thank you, to Mr. Greg Coppa, who wrote the short story this movie is based upon, for providing this information for The November Christmas.)


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