The Edge of The Garden - Hallmark Channel


The Edge of The Garden

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: May 14, 2011


Rob Estes ... Brian
Sarah Manninen ... Nora
David Lewis ... Thomas
Kelly Monaco ... Julie


A lonely businessman temporarily relocates to Maine after a bad breakup. He moves into a rundown cottage, where he meets the beautiful spirit of a woman who lived in the house fifty years before. As they form a friendship, they begin to help each other in ways they never knew were possible, and change both their fortunes forever.

Movie Review:

This movie may have been fantasy, but it was also quite fascinating!

Brian, a man from Present day has gone off to work in Maine - away from his own family, friends, co-workers, and ex-fiance. He buys this cottage and instantly starts to see odd things. In the past, he has always been too busy with his work to have a personal life, but when he meets Nora at the Edge of the Garden - everything changes!

The fantasy part is... that Nora is from 1960 - 50 years ago! It doesn't seem at all to be spooky or evil, just fantasy. (It reminded me a little of Back to the Future - when Marty goes back to the past and meets his parents and slightly changes the future!)

I wouldn't recommend this movie for children or family movie night. There was no language or immorality; however, this story might be confusing for them.

Nora and Brian continue to meet at the Edge of the Garden to talk. He helps her through her problems and her illness, and eventually convinces her to make a big step in her life - that finally sets her free and leads her towards the path of happiness. In turn, it finally leads Brian to "True Love", as well.

It's an interesting and beautiful story of love that is set in the past, present, and future...

See or Skip:

See, with someone you love!


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