Three Wise Women - Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie


Three Wise Women

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: December 14, 2010


Fionnula Flanagan ... Beth
Hugh O'Connor ... Tom
Amy Huberman ... Liz
Brendan Patricks ... Bobby


Hallmark Channel, the biggest holiday destination in television, presents the World Premiere of "Three Wise Women," a new twist on ghosts of Christmas past, present and future. Renowned star of stage and screen and Emmy(R) Award winner Fionnula Flanagan ("Rich Man, Poor Man," "How the West Was Won") stars as Beth, who has a rare opportunity to accompany her guardian angel, Tom (Hugh O'Connor, "Your Bad Self"), to visit her past and find out exactly how a single choice can change a life.

Liz (Amy Huberman, "The Clinic") has everything a girl could ever want - a successful career as a doctor and an equally successful fiance who can't wait to marry her. Yet somehow, things just aren't clicking for Liz as she can't help but remember some past relationships that ultimately let her down. And when she runs into Bobby (Brendan Patricks, "My Last Five Girlfriends"), a dear old friend, an intense moment of nostalgia only sends Liz into a bigger spiral of confusion.

Lucky for Liz, Tom has a plan to restore her faith in true love. He quickly travels back in time to recruit a younger Liz and then forward in time to find Liz as the more mature Beth (Flanagan) only to return to steer present-day Liz from making a big mistake. With guidance from spirits of past and future, Liz suddenly realizes that she might be marrying the wrong man and must make up for past mistakes in time to secure her future with a lifelong love.

Executive Producers of "Three Wise Women" are Robert Halmi, Jr., Mary Callery and Alan Moloney. Producer is Cliona Ni Bhuachalla. The screenplay is written by Abby Ajayi and is based on an original idea by Cecilia Ahern. The movie is directed by Declan Recks.

Movie Review:

I didn't like this movie at all. It has a sci-fi feel to it. The movie starts in a futuristic year, in Dublin Ireland, with Liz as an older woman all alone. (by the way, the characters do speak with an Irish accent) Somehow, the movie jumps all over the place and Liz is able to be her past, present, and future self - a Teenager, Doctor, and an Older Lady all at one time! They even all attend the same party together where people are wearing Angel wings, halos, and some even wear devil horns. I didn't understand why they did this... nor did I care for it.

Liz has a Guardian Angel - who sometimes she can see and sometimes she cannot see. I found it to be bizarre. Plus, the brunette teenage girl looked absolutely nothing like the blonde actress who plays her in later years, as the doctor. Bad casting, I thought.

As a teenager, Liz caught her father with another woman. This effected her badly back then. But, now... in an effort to put things in the past, Liz, being the older maturer Doctor, goes to him and apologizes. I didn't get this scene at all. Why was she sorry?

Also, Liz, as the Doctor, is about to be married to a successful man. They just so happen to live together, already. Each night they show them "together" - she is awake and he is snoring. The only redeeming quality to the movie was when Liz realized, finally, that she instead loved Bobby, a boy she grew up with, years ago. Her memory of him, was singing Christmas Carols in the park... and that is how the movie ends... with them older- singing Christmas Carols in the park.

To me, this movie was extremely odd and lacked that good Christmas feeling. It hardly felt like a Christmas movie much of the time.

See or Skip:

I must suggest skipping this one!

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