My thoughts on the Royal Wedding...

Hello Everyone,

Today, I was doing some updates and added two new upcoming Made-for-TV Movies - one for the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime, regarding the upcoming wedding of England's Royalty ~ Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Perhaps you are or are not Royal Followers. I am somewhere in between, I suppose. I think it's an interesting part of England's History, but I'm not a Royal Watcher. I do wish them well, and I hope they have a lovely wedding and happy married life together.

I just recently discovered that years ago when my Sister and I were in a wedding, the bride chose our flower girl dresses to match those of Princess Diana's attendants. (She had them custom-made.) I had no idea at the time - as I was young girl. I do remember watching the wedding on TV, of course, and I recall how grand the fairytale seemed. And, I remember our sweet flower girl dresses, that looked very much like the beautiful dresses pictured below. We also carried a similar basket with our rose petals.

Will you all watch the real wedding or movies?
Did you watch Prince Charles and Diana wed? 

I don't know if I will watch the movies or not. I think I would much rather see the real thing... the true wedding. Just to see the fashion, mostly, of the Bride and her Attendants.... and the ladies in attendance (in the crowd), as well. I do love the way English women wear hats - they do it so proudly and stylishly!


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