Updated DVD News for The Lost Valentine

I am continuining to give you all more details on this Movie - The Lost Valentine because I have received an overwelming response of e-mails and comments from you all seeking more information on this film.

As I write this post at 10:58 AM on Tuesday, February 1st - The Lost Valentine is available for purchase.

I contacted the seller on Amazon - Teddy Bear Toys and they do have the DVD in stock - ready to ship. Please note: as of right now, they only had three left! If this is something you really want for your Valentine on Feb. 14th, then this is the place to get it. It won't be available elsewhere (for a lesser price) til the end of February!

Click Here - for all the dvd details for the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie : The Lost Valentine - starring Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt!

*By the way, thank you also to those of you, who responded with the name of the song playing at the end of the movie - it was "Dream a Little Dream of Me" (written in 1931) -  the recording was sung by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

see this picture and more on
The Lost Valentine Page

Click Here for DVD

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