Top Ten Fathers Day Gifts...

Please Note: a Tie doesn't make the list... though, most Fathers like to look good!!!

10. Hammock / Lazy Boy Recliner -

Because your Father works hard and needs to relax at the end of the day!

9. Universal Remote / Popcorn & Movie

Every guy likes to be King of the Remote!

8. Tools -

Every Man enjoys his Tools ... especially Power Tools!

7. Barbecue Grill + Grill Daddy -

Because most men like a good steak!

6. Camera -

It's important to make memories and capture them forever, too!

5. GPS -

Because no guy likes to ask for directions, but technology makes it cool!

4. Golf Clubs -

Spend a day together at your local course.

3. Fishing Pole -

Every father likes a day of leisure. Grab your pole and join him.

2. Flag Pole -

Many of our Fathers or Grandfathers served the United States in the Military and this is a great way to honor them and support our Country and those who serve her today!

1. Time / Pocket Watch -

Nothing means more than the time you share together. Get him a pocket watch or just give him a hug and share the day with him.

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Just remember... The gift of yourself - is often the best give of all!

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