Hallmark & Disney Channel Premiere New Movies this Weekend

Two New Movies Premiere this Weekend...

Frenemies - Disney Channel

The First Movie, Frenemies, with it's Premiere, on the Disney Channel, looks to be a movie geared toward kids.

Frenemies Premieres -
January 13, 2012 Friday Night :

Frenemies ... Disney Channel (east) ... 8 PM *NEW
Frenemies ... Disney Channel (west) ...11 PM *NEW

A Taste of Romance - Hallmark Channel

The Next Movie is A Taste of Romance, and it looks like the Hallmark Channel is "whipping up" a Romantic Comedy.

A Taste of Romance Premieres
January 14, 2012 Saturday Night :

A Taste of Romance ... Hallmark Channel ... 8 PM *NEW
A Taste of Romance ... Hallmark Channel ... 10 PM *NEW

Hope you Enjoy your Weekend - and Maybe a New Movie , too!

*See the Frenemies or A Taste of Romance Pages for more Movie Details!

*See the Family TV Schedule for Times Airing!

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