The Favorite 2011 "Made-for-TV Christmas Movie" - so far!

The Poll to Vote for your 'Favorite New Christmas Movie for 2011' will close on January 25, 2012 ~ so if you haven't voted yet, be sure to do so - Today! (poll is located in right column)

So far, it looks like Trading Christmas from the Hallmark Channel, is in the lead and I agree - it was one of the best! Be sure - to let your favorites be known, so the networks know which types of Christmas Movies you and your family enjoyed the most!

The Result of this Poll will be part of the upcoming 2011 "It's a Wonderful Movie" Awards. There will be 5 More Poll Categories coming soon!

*Click Here to see the results of the 2010 "It's a Wonderful Movie" Awards.

*Click Here to see the list of New 2011 Christmas TV Movies, with their links to Plot details, Pictures, etc... if you would like to refresh your memory on which Movie Title - Matches each Movie!

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