A Walton Easter - The Waltons Movie Reunion Collection on DVD


A Walton Easter - The Waltons Movie Reunion Collection

If you are looking for something to watch with your family on Easter Sunday... then you might want to choose this collection of movies from The Waltons. The last movie in the series is A Walton Easter.

Network: CBS

Original Air Date: March 30, 1997

Characters - Earl Hamner Jr.
Written by - Julie Sayres

A Walton Easter CAST:

Richard Thomas ... John-Boy Walton

Ralph Waite ... John Walton

Michael Learned ... Olivia Walton

Jon Walmsley ... Jason Walton

Judy Norton-Taylor ... Mary Ellen Walton

Eric Scott ... Ben Walton

Mary Beth McDonough ... Erin Walton Northridge

David W. Harper ... Jim-Bob Walton

Kami Cotler ... Elizabeth Walton

Ellen Corby ... Grandma Walton

Tony Becker ... Drew

Kate McNeil ... Janet Gilchrist Walton

Helen Kleeb ... Mamie Baldwin
Mary Jackson ... Emily Baldwin

Lynn Hamilton ... Verdie Grant Foster

Other Cast:
Sydney Walsh ... Aurora Jameson
Peter Crombie ... Calvin Weeks
Zack Eginton ... Jimmy Weeks


A Walton Easter is the last Movie in this Box Set of Six Reunion Movies. The setting for this Movie is 1969, and the family is all gathering back home on the Mountain in West Virginia to celebrate Easter and John and Olivia’s 40th wedding anniversary.

John-Boy, has become a television reporter, Jason, a successful musician and song-writer, Mary Ellen, a Doctor, Ben, works at Walton's Mill with John, Erin, a Principal, Jim Bob, works in Aviation with Yancy Tucker, and Elizabeth has become the world traveler.

When John Boy returns home, he brings along his wife Janet, who is expecting their first child any day and a reporter/photographer from Life Magazine, who is doing an article on John Walton, Jr - and his upcoming novel. Being home and writing again, gives John Boy the longing to return home and raise his children there as he was raised.

At the same time, Elizabeth returns home from her world travels, and announces to everyone that she has come home to “settle down.” However, just because she is ready to put down roots, doesn't mean that Drew is ready, too. He has found another girlfriend, yet, it is obvious that he still cares for Elizabeth. What will she do? What will he do?

Are Elizabeth and Drew destined to be together? Will John-Boy stay on the mountain, finish his novel, and raise his children there?

There's a lovely scene at the end where they attend an outdoor Easter Service. Everyone is so country and lovely in their Easter Sunday hats, suits, and dresses.

As of now, A Walton Easter was the last movie in The Waltons Reunion Movie Series.

(*By the Way... to the producers & creators of The Waltons Series... if it were ever possible for you to do one more Reunion Show - could you please make this one based at Christmastime... I know many fans would love to see the show end where it began with The Homecoming: A Christmas Story movie.)

Movie Review:

A Walton Easter is absolutely wonderful from the very first moment when you hear that familiar Walton's theme song. It's like returning home again in the embrace of your family. It's so precious to see so many warm and familiar faces of The Waltons Cast.

I love how they integrate everyone's stories together and how, after all these years, they still feel so real!

It's a beautiful story and one that will warm your hearts. The Waltons Movie Reunion Collection is definitely a family friendly series that you can enjoy with your family... old and young alike.

Come Home, Again!

See or Skip:

See, with your Family!

"Goodnight John Boy...

Goodnight Daddy... Goodnight Momma...  

Goodnight Jason... Goodnight Mary Ellen...

Goodnight Ben... Goodnight Erin...

Goodnight Jim Bob... Goodnight Elizabeth...

Goodnight Grandma..."


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