16 Wishes - Disney Channel Movie


16 Wishes

Network: Disney Channel

Original Air Date: June 25, 2010


Debby Ryan ... Abbey Louise Jensen
Jean-Luc Bilodeau ... Jay Kepler
Cainan Wiebe ... Mike Jean Jensen
Karissa Tynes ... Krista Cook
Anna Mae Routledge ... Celeste Jeansen
Keenan Tracey ... Logan Buchanan
Joel Semande ... Joey Lockhart
Patrick Gilmore ... Bob Jensen
Kendall Cross ... Sue Jensen
Jesse Reid ... Ted Hope
Brenda Crichlow ... Miss Duffy
Patricia Isaac ... Nice Sales Woman
Gary Jones ... Principal Smith


from Wikipedia:
Abby Jensen (Ryan) has been planning for her 16th birthday ever since she was a little girl. When that day comes, she adds her 16th and final wish to a list secretly taped to her closet door. To her surprise, she receives a box of Sweet 16 Birthday Candles, each of which corresponds to a wish on her list. As her wishes come true, her day gets better and better until she makes a wish that changes everything and helps her finally understand that being a kid isn't so bad.

According to the VP of worldwide programming strategy, acquisitions and co-productions for Disney Channels Worldwide David Levine, "'Sixteen Wishes'" is a funny and aspirational movie about a young girl who realizes the true meaning of the universal theme, be careful what you wish for. Debby Ryan brings a unique charm and vulnerability to the role of Abby, one that we know our audience will embrace.”

Movie Review:

This is a Disney Channel Original Movie, so of course, it is sweet and cute and completely appropriate for family or slumber party viewing!

The story is basically all about Abby Jenson (Debby Ryan), who gets everything she wishes for on her 16th Birthday, and when everything she thought she ever wanted... Money, Car, being Grown Up, too... all starts to come true - she decides that she would much rather have her life and family back and just be 16 !

It's a cute story and makes for a great lesson - be content and happy where you are in life. A great lesson for younger ones - enjoy being a child or a teen - responsibilities will come soon enough.


In the end, Abby does get her final wish - to be 16! So, it ends sweetly and happy, and she kisses her best friend, Jay, at her Sweet Sixteen Party!

See or Skip:

See, with your family!


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