The 136th Run for the Roses... The Kentucky Derby

Today is the Kentucky Derby - the oldest, continuous sporting event in the United States. There is such great history in this sporting event. Even though I don't live there myself, my Mother's roots are there - so I feel my heart is there, as well. Kentucky, with it's beautiful mountains, gorgeous horse farms, and country land that stretches out for miles, has always felt like a second home to me.

Kentucky Horse Farm
"Representing Kentucky's Finest Properties"

My Pick for the Kentucky Derby is....

Line of David.

I know everyone is looking at other horses and this horse, Line of David, doesn't have the greatest of all odds, but I hope and believe anything is possible!

The owners - Ike W. Thrash and the former Dawn Marie Lacour have been married since July 13, 1974 and have four children. They named the horse Line of David (after their son-in-law David Oliver, who married their daughter Kelly).

On April 19, Ike and Dawn Thrash, owners of race horse Line of David, pose with the Arkansas Derby trophy... pictured here -

Ike and Dawn Thrash
Image from Matt Bush, Hattiesburg American

Line of David
Image from

My second choice of the field of horses is Dean’s Kitten. I would love to see them do well. I loved the personal story - that both the owners, Ken and Sarah Ramsey, are natives of Artemus, Kentucky. I know winning the Kentucky Derby would mean so much for them.

Oh, I just love the Derby... especially when they sing My Old Kentucky Home... it's always such a beautiful moment! So, put on your hat, Ladies and Gentlemen, and enjoy the race!!!

My old Kentucky home
by Stephen Collins Foster

The sun shines bright on my old Kentucky home

Tis summer, the darkies are gay

The corn top's ripe and the meadow's in bloom

While the birds make music all the day

The young folks roll on the little cabin floor

All merry, all happy and bright

By 'n by hard times come a-knocking at the door

Then my old Kentucky home good night

Weep no more, my lady

Oh, weep no more, today

We will sing one song for the old Kentucky home

For the old Kentucky home far away.


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