Welcome to Walmart - New NBC Family Movie Night Movie - The Jensen Project


The Jensen Project

stars Kellie Martin

Family Movie Night Film

Network: NBC

Original Air Date: July 16, 2010


Kellie Martin ... Claire
Brady Smith ... Matt
Patricia Richardson ... Ingrid
LeVar Burton ... Kendrick
Justin Kelly ... Brody
Alyssa Diaz ... Samantha
David Andrews ... Edwin Jensen


The Jensen Project will focus on 12 geniuses who move to upstate New York who brainstorm ideas about how to save the world. When some of them get greedy and decide to make money off one of their inventions, a cross-country melee ensues.

Once a part of a secret community of world-class geniuses doing cutting-edge research, Matt (Brady Smith) and Claire (Kellie Martin, ER), with the aid of their teenage son, Brody (Justin Kelly), must stop their former colleague Edwin Jensen (David Andrews) who has now gone bad.

In this roller coaster adventure Matt, Claire and Brody race against the clock following clues, thwarting evil schemes and rediscovering each other in the process. Ultimately, they not only fight to stop the rogue geniuses, but also rediscover their family bond.

The roller-coaster adventure movie "The Jensen Project" explores the secret community of world-class geniuses who do cutting-edge research that they share anonymously to help the world. Starring are Patricia Richardson ("Home Improvement"), LeVar Burton ("Star Trek: The Next Generation"), Kellie Martin ("ER") and Brady Smith ("CSI"). "The Jensen Project" is produced by Muse Entertainment and Procter & Gamble Productions, Inc.

Extra News:

Continuing in their quest to promote family-friendly alternatives to what they say is increasingly racy TV fare, Wal-Mart and Procter & Gamble are moving forward on another TV movie, The Jensen Project.

The trades report NBC will air the telepic which will double as a backdoor pilot should the network be interested in a series.

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Kellie Martin at the TV Land Awards

--The Jensen Project - Available on DVD

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