What I did for Love - Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie


What I did for Love

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: Christmas Season - 2006


Jeremy London ... James White
Dorie Barton ... Sadie Ryder
James Gammon ... Karl Ryder
Steve Monroe ... Jake Ryder
Chase Hoyt ... Zeb Ryder
Jonny Acker ... Travis Ryder
John Littlefield ... Clint
Sally Struthers ... Aunt Trudy
James Lashly ... Bill
James Edson ... Larry - BLM Guy #1
Bruce Nozick ... Lawyer #1
Rhino Michaels ... Hank
Rod McCary ... Tom
Jeanette O'Connor ... Lady #1
Damani Roberts ... Danny


Call him a city slicker. Call him a tenderfoot. But don't call him a member of the family - yet.

Rising L.A. lawyer James White (Jeremy London, Gods And Generals) is going home for the holidays with his fiancee, Sadie Ryder, to finally meet her family in rural Pine Gap. After blundering through a bad first impression, James attempts to win over Sadie's lawyer-loathing father Karl (James Gammon, Cold Mountain) by pretending to be a horse-riding, hay-baling, game-hunting, seasoned square dancer. But a pair of worn jeans and a ten-gallon hat don't make a cowboy, and it's going to take more than mere posturing to charm Mr. Ryder... in fact, it just may take a miracle.

Movie Review:

This is a Country-Style Christmas Themed Hallmark Movie. Sadie takes her City-Slicker Boyfriend / Fiance home to meet her Father, Aunt, and Brothers. Poor James doesn't seem to fit in at all... and worse yet, an old boyfriend of Sadie's is out to get him and try to win Sadie back. It's quite the adventure for James. Will he and Sadie's relationship survive this visit home?

When James doesn't seem to be helping much on the ranch, he decides to try and help with the ranch's legal matters, acting as if he is their lawyer. This action, however, only angers Sadie's father more. When a gate is left opened and the cattle wonder off, James is blamed for not closing it. Sadie's father is often angry and yelling... yet, it is clear to see - he is very tender, sweet, and protective over his little girl.

James ends up lost out in the woods - and uses all the techniques Sadie's brothers taught him about survival - to make it through the night. Sadie's father finds him the next morning. However, when he does, a wolf approaches him -ready to attack. It is up to James now to rescue him, which he does by shooting the wolf. It is shown laying lifeless.

In the end, Sadie's father is proud of James and accepts him as his future son-n-law... and Sadie, too, is happy that the two men she loves are finally getting along. What will James do about work, though, since Sadie has decided to stay... Will he stay or go home?

I won't give it away, entirely, however... there is a Happy Ending!

See or Skip:

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