The Lost Valentine DVD

Two Updates to Post below... - Last Update: Feb. 4, 2011-

I have had a lot of e-mails regarding this movie and everyone loved it and wants to know if or when it will be released on dvd.

Well, Yes... Absolutely ~ The Lost Valentine will be released on dvd!

It will be released by the end of February. Unfortunately, it will not be out in time for Valentine's Day. However, I have an idea for you... perhaps you can purchase or make a similar heart like the one in the movie - promising ahead a special movie night!

This film will be available to Pre-Order very soon -
please keep checking this link -
Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie The Lost Valentine DVD Gold Crown Collector's Edition (Jennifer Love Hewitt & Betty White)
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Click here for Plot & Cast Details, More Pictures, and scroll down to the end - for your comments, too-
of The Lost Valentine!

January 31st - 2 PM :
Apparently, someone does have the movie for sale right now at Amazon. They have 4, as I write this, in stock. So, if you want this for your Valentine - order right away, at this link:
Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie : The Lost Valentine

The movie will be available for pre-order soon, for a lesser price. They will ship near the end of February.

Update #2:
February 4, 2011 - 12 PM:

The Lost Valentine is currently in stock and available for purchase, here (Amazon) - for $35.  If you order today, you should get it in time for Valentine's Day.  (be sure and check Shipping time!) If you pre-order from a Hallmark Store, or from Hallmark on-line, I have heard that it will not ship until the end of February. So... for those of you who have e-mailed me - wanting this for your Valentine - you'll want to check these out here.

Click here to check the current price of the In stock DVD of The Lost Valentine

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