CBS says "The End" to the "Hallmark Hall of Fame" Movies

CBS is dropping the Hallmark Hall of Fame (HHOF) Series. Why?, you might ask, after 16 years? Well according to CBS, due to their current lineup of programming, they are having difficulty scheduling around it.
Front of the Class (Hallmark Hall of Fame: Gold Crown Collector's Edition)Oh, come on.. there are only 3 HHOF Fame Movies in a year! I think CBS just no longer cares enough "to Air the Very Best!" (that's, of course, a spin on Hallmark's Greeting Card logo - "When you care enough to send the very best!"

The Hallmark Hall of Fame series began in 1951, spending 30 years on NBC. It had brief runs on ABC and PBS, before landing on CBS. Over the past 60 years, under the "Hall of Fame" banner, there has been 243 films!

Pictures of Hollis Woods - Hallmark Hall of FameCBS released the following statement: "This is a partnership that has served CBS very well for many years. Hallmark Hall of Fame is a first-class organization, and we wish them nothing but success in their future."

First, the networks take away the old Family Sunday night movies, the Movie of the Week, After School Specials, and the Wonderful World of Disney Movies no longer play faithfully on Saturday nights on ABC. CBS's airing of the Hallmark Movies was truly the last one left.

The Secret Garden (Hallmark Hall of Fame)Over the years, Hallmark Hall of Fame has brought us such wonderful movies:
A Season for Miracles, Front of the Class, The Secret Garden, November Christmas, Ellen Foster, Pictures of Hollis Woods, The Magic of Ordinary Days, etc...

Walmart's attempt to bring back the family movie night has moved their movies from NBC to the Fox Network - which seems to have signed in their contract that a previous American Idol contestant must somehow participate in the movie, which is fine if their acting is good and their presence makes sense in the movie, like Brooke White in Change of Plans.

The Magic of Ordinary Days - HallmarkBack to HHOF Movies... I am saddened to think the audience for them - for good old Family Movies, is waning.

I know I still enjoy most of them and always watch them with my family. I sure hope someone else picks up the HHOF Fame Movies from CBS. Family Programming is still important and very much wanted & needed on Television today!

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