Reality TV Winners & My Favorites!

Okay, this site is all about Family Movies, but our Family does watch a few Reality Shows, too. If you don't like them - then, please skip this post. If you enjoy a few, like we do - then, please read on...

(Please Note: I do not recommend all of these shows for family viewing - mostly due to Language)

Reality Shows:

American Idol - I stopped watching it a few years back, yet, after hearing about Scotty McCreery, I just had to turn in. I've been a Josh Turner fan for years, so when I learned about Scotty singing his songs... well, I just had to check it out, and after hearing Scotty sing Long Black Train, I'm totally a fan. He's fantastic! Plus, it was great to see him singing with Josh Turner, too... Go Scotty!

Biggest Loser - I have always been drawn to this show, though I've never been overweight, myself. We have watched it ever since Alison Sweeney became the host. I love watching each of their transformations - it's like watching a flower bloom! This time around, my favorite is Hannah, although, they have all been so nice - I like them all and hope they all do well.

Celebrity Apprentice - We enjoy the project building and how the creative process works and sometimes, how it doesn't work. It's a fascinating process. This time around, I've been cheering one celeb mainly along the way... John Rich! I was so glad he won.


Do you like any of my choices?

Let me know who your favorites are...

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