A Christmas Kiss - ION Television Christmas Movie


A Christmas Kiss

Network: ION Television

Original Air Date: December 11, 2011


Elisabeth Röhm ... Priscilla Hall
Laura Breckenridge ... Wendy Walton
Brendan Fehr ... Adam Hughes
Jerrika Hinton ... Tressa
Laura Spencer ... Caroline
Mark Joy ... Charlie
Mark DeAngelis ... Carriage Driver
Hunter Brumfield ... Theatre Employee
Walid Chaya ... Cute Guy 1
Robert Levy ... Theater patron / ticket buyer
Erin Brown ... Theatre patron
Kathryn Squires ... Theatre patron
Liz Lukens ... Christmas tree shopper


Wendy is an aspiring designer and assistant to her callous boss Priscilla. Unfortunately, Wendy’s dreams of impressing her boss get complicated when she realizes that the mysterious man she kissed in a falling elevator is Priscilla’s boyfriend, Adam. As the holidays approach and Adam and Wendy’s friendship grows, Priscilla is forced to take drastic measures to make sure her engagement goes forward as planned. Will Wendy and Adam connect before it’s too late?

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