Hallmark Channel starts the Holiday Season!!!

I hope you all enjoyed watching the two new Hallmark Christmas Movies over the weekend! I am looking forward to each weekend now during Christmastime - and all the new Spectacular Christmas Movies ahead!!! Our family certainly enjoyed watching them and I sure hope yours did, too!

I was pleasantly surprised with Love's Christmas Journey. There was a tragic loss in the beginning of the movie, (two people died in a Tornado), and some western gun violence, but through it all it was a wholesome, mostly uplifting, fun, and joyous four-hour film! Mistletoe over Manhattan - I didn't get to see all of this movie on Sunday night (busy with family!) - but what I did see, looked sweet and fun! I look forward to seeing how it ends up! (Did you see it / like it?)

Also, it was Open House weekend at Hallmark Stores, too! I visited mine on Thursday - before the rush! (Did I miss any good give-aways over the weekend?) I just wanted to check out the ornaments, again mostly - and make sure I could EWWW and AWWW -before they were all gone!

You can also see the Hallmark Christmas Ornaments Online.

There are Lots of pretty ones this year, again. And, how cute are the Prep and Landing Dolls - of Lanny and Wayne! They are sooooo adorable.... "So Tinsel!", as Lanny says! By the way, I just added the new Prep & Landing Cartoon, titled "Prep & Landing: Naughty Vs. Nice" (airing Dec. 5th & 22nd) and other Christmas Cartoons airing on ABC to the Christmas TV Schedule . (Thank you, Bobby, for the ABC schedule information!)

I just Love the Christmas Season and all the fun decorations! Most of all, however, I am content in the joy of knowing the True Meaning of Christmas ~ the birth of the Christ Child and the Promise that brings to each of us who receives!

God bless you all!!!

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