New Hallmark Movies Premiere this Weekend + More!

The Hallmark Channel Premieres - Not 1, Not 2, but THREE New Christmas Movies - this Weekend!!!

What else... the Countdown to 25 Days of Christmas on ABC FAMILY will begin Sunday, November 20th, 2011. They won't have a new ABC Family Premiere Movie this weekend. Their first Premiere Movie, Desperately Seeking Santa, will premiere Nov. 27th. However, among other Christmas Movies, Santa Baby 2, Santa Buddies, etc... they will be showing, for the first time on TV, The Search for Santa Paws.

Also, FMC will have Home Alone this weekend, too! Some movies you can just see over and over again and you still love them like you did the first time - maybe more!

INSP starts their Christmas Movies, with The Perfect Gift, and GMC takes you back to the Mountain with The Waltons Thanksgiving Movie Specials.

See the Christmas TV Schedule for these Movies and More!

Hallmark Channel Movie Premieres:

Saturday - November 19th, 2011:

A Christmas Wedding Tail
*Note - It Airs at 6 PM

Also, Saturday - November 19th, 2011:

The Case for Christmas

Sunday - November 20th, 2011:

A Christmas Wish

You can find these specials on the Hallmark Channel - amongst Eloise at Christmastime, Santa Jr., Silver Bells, The Santa Clause, the Hallmark Hall of Fame Movie, A Dog Named Christmas, and Much Much More!!!

See the Christmas TV Schedule - to find your favorites!

Enjoy & "Happy Weekend" before Thanksgiving!!!

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