ABC Family Schedule Update for Eloise at Christmastime, Christmas Everyday, and Sons of Mistletoe

This Post is a Quick Note - just to let you know that the Schedule has been corrected and updated on Wednesday - December 21st for the Movies airing that morning on ABC Family!

December 21, 2011 Wednesday

Eloise at Christmastime ... ABC Family ... 7 AM
Christmas Everyday ... ABC Family ... 9 AM
Sons of Mistletoe ... ABC Family ... 11 AM

These are three Made-for-TV movies that are not aired on TV as much as other Movies - so I wanted to be sure you all knew of this change.

*A Special "Thank You to Randy S.  for e-mailing and letting me know - so I could update the schedule and let everyone know!

Eloise at Christmastime and Sons of Mistletoe are available on dvd. Christmas Everyday is not, however it should be - because it is a very good family Christmas movie!


See the [ CHRISTMAS TV SCHEDULE ] for more details!

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