"I'm dreaming of a White Christmas"... and more Christmas Classics!

While I know, many of us enjoy all the new Christmas Movies on TV... we still like to reminiscence and watch our favorite Classics, too!

For the next Four nights... (December 12- 15 on AMC!) we can start dreaming of a White Christmas along with Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Danny Kaye, and Vera Ellen. Oh, I adore this Christmas Musical. I know many movie reviewers out there are hard on it and put it down - but I love it! To me, it just wouldn't seem like Christmas, without hearing Bing Crosby sing that beautiful Christmas song, White Christmas...

December 12, 2011 Monday

White Christmas ... AMC ... 8 PM
White Christmas ... AMC ... 10:45 PM

December 13, 2011 Tuesday

White Christmas ... AMC ... 8 PM
White Christmas ... AMC ... 10:45 PM

December 14, 2011 Wednesday

White Christmas ... AMC ... 8 PM
White Christmas ... AMC ... 10:45 PM

December 15, 2011 Thursday

White Christmas ... AMC ... 5:15 PM

Plus, catch other Christmas Classics this week...

A Christmas Carol (1951) -starring the ever popular Alastair Sims at Ebeneezer Scrooge!

The Lemon Drop Kid (1951) - stars Bob Hope. I personally, have never seen this one.

The Great Rupert ~ A Christmas Wish - Love Jimmy Durante in this! So sweet, so funny... love it!

A Charlie Brown Christmas - It's beautiful when Charlie Brown asks - "Does anyone know what Christmas is all about?" and Linus tells Charlie Brown the true Christmas Story from Luke 2 in the Bible. A Precious Moment for all children and grown-ups, to see... especially during this extra busy season.

Miracle on 34th Street (1947) - I Believe, I Believe...

Holiday Inn (1942) another wonderful Bing Crosby film... where he first sings White Christmas!

Christmas in Connecticut (1945) Love Barbara Stanwyck in this... she is fabulous and the film is very funny!

The Shop Around The Corner (1940) Starring the wonderful, Jimmy Stewart - who in my opinion, always steals the show!

and More....

See the Christmas TV Schedule for times airing!



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