ABC Family Premieres Wild Child during "Campus Crush"

This Movie, Wild Child, stars Emma Roberts (Nancy Drew) and Natasha Richardson (the Mother in the The Parent Trap remake with Lindsay Lohan). This is, sadly, Natasha's last film, before she passed away tragically, after a skiing accident.

Here's a picture, of the lovely Actress:

Wild Child Premieres on TV, August 8, 2010, ABC Family at 8 PM est during the network's annual 10-day summer programming event "Campus Crush" (August 1 - August 10).

Read My Caution below...


Please Note - CAUTION: This Movie is available on DVD... it is Rated PG-13.
From Movie Reviews I've read, I must Caution that this Movie is NOT suitable for young viewers, due to Extreme Language, and other Innuendos, etc...

I absolutely do NOT recommend this Movie on DVD. Perhaps, ABC Family, will edit and omit some of the objectionable content. Personally, I just wish they would choose to create these movies (especially those directed at youths) without the need of editing.

For better Family Movies on DVD, with these Actresses, see The Parent Trap, Nancy Drew, or
Grand Champion.

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