Hallmark Movie Channel Movie - Goodnight for Justice


Goodnight for Justice

Network: Hallmark Movie Channel

Original Air Date: January 29, 2011

Please Note: This is a Western Movie, so there were surely be gunfighting and violence.

"Beverly Hills, 90210" stars Luke Perry ("A Gunfighter's Pledge") and Jason Priestley ("Expecting A Miracle") reunite for the Hallmark Movie Channel Original, "Goodnight For Justice."


Luke Perry ... John Goodnight
Lara Gilchrist ... Kate Ramsey
Ron Lea ... Tom Reed


from Hallmark Channel Press Release:

Luke Perry is an executive producer and the lead star of the film about a boy in the American Old West who witnesses an act of murderous violence that claims the lives of his parents and an influential public official. Affected by the memory of the slain official's grandeur and eloquence, the boy grows up to be an arbiter of law, a Circuit Judge, hell-bent on justice. Jason Priestley is set to direct the film, based on material developed by Luke Perry.

John Goodnight (Perry) has a crystal clear memory of the day that his family was victimized by ruthless outlaws. He and the wife of Circuit Judge Aldous Shaw were the only survivors of the attack; she would become his foster mother. Goodnight cannot forget the corrupt man who destroyed his family - the man he also recalls walked with a limp - and he lives for a second chance encounter with the outlaw.

After a rocky start as a solicitor, the Governor swears John Goodnight in as the Western Territories next Circuit Judge. Goodnight travels the West seeking protection for the innocent, until one fateful day, when his journey takes him to a place that is all too familiar.

Movie Review:

Please Note: This is a Western Movie, so there were surely be gunfighting and violence.

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