New TV Network Coming... Titled "The Hub" - for Families & Children

August 7, 2010:

THE HUB, a new Cable Channel, marketed towards families and children, will Launch 10.10.10. - that's October 10th, 2010. Sponsored by toy company Hasbro & Discovery, The Hub will focus primarily on viewers in the 6-to-12 age range.

Hasbro Family Game Night 3Programming confirmed to be featured on the network, include: The Transformers, G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, My Little Pony, Adventure Camp, Flight 29 Down, Strawberry Shortcake, Fraggle Rock, Meerkat Manor, Pound Puppies, Deltora Quest, The 99, The Wonder Years and Doogie Howser, M.D., Pictureka!, The Adventures of Chuck and Friends, Transformers: Prime, G.I. Joe: Renegades, In the Night Garden, Dennis and Gnasher and Clue. Additionally, a show called Family Game Night, based on Hasbro's game properties, will air as well.

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Press Release from The Hub:

Introducing THE HUB -- Discovery Communications and Hasbro Officially Unveil Children's Network Brand

-- Joint Venture Children’s Network to Launch in Fall 2010 --

(Los Angeles, Ca.) Discovery Communications-Hasbro Joint Venture President and CEO Margaret Loesch today unveiled the official brand and logo for the children's network, set to launch in fall 2010. Moving forward, the network will be known as "The Hub" and will reach approximately 60 million homes on what is currently the Discovery Kids network.

"A hub is a place where great things come together -- and that is precisely what The Hub network will be when it launches," said Loesch. "The Hub will be a fun and transformative destination that brings kids and their families together by presenting clever stories and engaging characters."
The Hub will offer young viewers and their families novel and compelling content, ranging from new comedies and animated adventures to live-action franchises and game shows -- all celebrating the core childhood concepts of fun and play. The network’s tone will be thrilling, modern and dynamic, both on-air and online. These qualities are represented by The Hub’s spiral logo, which symbolizes a catalyst of action and imagination. In addition, the network will benefit from the strong DNA of its two parent companies, Discovery and Hasbro, which share a 50/50 partnership in the venture.

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It sounds like this will be a good channel alternative for Family Viewing & Entertainment - which is news we always love to hear!

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