Lemonade Mouth - Disney Channel Original Movie

Lemonade MouthMOVIE REVIEW

Lemonade Mouth

Network: Disney Channel

Original Air Date: April 15, 2011


Bridgit Mendler ... Olivia White
Adam Hicks ... Wen Giford
Hayley Kiyoko ... Stella Yamada
Lora Cunningham ... Charlie’s Mom
Chris Brochu ... Ray Beach
Blake Michael ... Charlie Delgado
Naomi Scott ... Mohini
Nick Roux ... Scott Pickett
Christopher McDonald ... Principal Brenigan
Tisha Campbell-Martin ... Miss Reznick
Johnnie Hector ... Coach
Jermaine Washington ... ?
Tom Romero ... Mr. Prichard
Bob Jesser ... Wen’s Dad
Aimee Dale ... Stella’s Mom
Scott Takeda ... Stella’s Dad


This Disney Channel Original Movie is based on the novel “Lemonade Mouth” by Mark Peter Hughes. The story is about five Rhode Island freshmen who meet in detention and decide to begin a garage band using non-traditional instruments, including a ukulele.

The music-driven "Lemonade Mouth," a Disney Channel Original Movie that tells kids and tweens that building your confidence rocks and finding your destiny rules. The story follows five disparate high school students who meet in detention, realize they are destined to rock, and ultimately form a band that becomes a champion for students sidelined by the high school elite.

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