Hallmark Movie Channel's newest family film, "The Cabin", Premieres this Weekend!

If you've been inside alot lately - trying to keep cool, due to the Summer Heat~Wave sweeping the Country, then you'll need something to prevent "cabin fever". And, I've found the answer... it's Hallmark Movie Channel's newest family film, The Cabin!

Premieres July 30th at 8 PM est
on Hallmark Movie Channel

Hopefully, many of you have the Hallmark Movie Channel and will be able to see this one. I have DirecTV, but don't have HMC - so I won't be able to view this, until it is, hopefully one day played on the regular Hallmark Channel. Would love to hear from any of you who will be able to watch this movie. Please let me know what you thought of it, by posting your comments on the main page for The Cabin - here.

See the Family TV Schedule for other Times airing!

See "The Cabin" main page for Pictures, Cast Details, Plot, and More!

Enjoy the Film!

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