Please beware of Christmas Movie coming to Theaters in 2011

When I read about this movie - honestly, I almost couldn't believe it. This movie sounds like Hollywood at it's absolute worst, so of course, I just had to share this news with all of you who visit here.

Please beware of this so-called Christmas Movie, 'A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas'. It sounds terrible, but please read below, and you be the judge....

(My information regarding this movie – is directly from In this article – it states that this is the third movie for this series.)

Excerpts from Article – (please beware of graphic details):

“This time around, ... the franchise is getting a fresh jolt of blockbuster juice from first-time director Todd Strauss-Schulson, who’ll oversee Harold and Kumar as they contend with robots, Claymation, a “huge car crash” and 3-D marijuana smoke rings. “The adventure is epic, and the 3-D is epic, and the amount of action-y spectacle scenes are epic,” says Strauss-Schulson. ‘It’s epically absurd.’

A recurring feature we’re excited for, however, is the perennial outrageously crass cameo by one Neil Patrick Harris. Yep, count on it — Doogie Howser himself, despite a scrape with death in the second installment, is back in the game for Round 3. “Neil is in this show-stopping Christmas spectacular dance number,” Strauss-Schulson says. “He’s on crack, he goes to heaven and he meets Jesus, he attempts rape, he abuses a robot, he’s telekinetic. It’s crazy. Straight-up crazy. It’s great.”

“I wanted this to be a ‘Trojan horse’ movie,” Strauss-Schulson explains. “The idea was that it should look like a Christmas movie, and at the end of the movie you should feel the warm fuzzies like you’re watching Miracle on 34th Street. But, like a Trojan horse, it’s filled with the most subversive, dirty [stuff]. There’s lesbian nuns, pedophile priests… all this stuff, [but] people walk away feeling like they’ve just seen this really sweet Christmas movie.”

(--end of excerpts--)

My Thoughts:

Christmas is a Holy day in which we celebrate the birth of Jesus and the joy of being surrounded by family. This movie sounds awful, filled with, and I quote from the Director, "dirty stuff". Is that supposed to be 3D fun? I couldn’t believe they actually admitted that it had “lesbian nuns”, and an attempted rape, etc... Is that supposed to be funny? From everything I've read, this movie appears to be a disgrace to Nuns, the Catholic church, and anyone who has ever been victimized - disguised as a sweet Christmas Movie. Please inform others.

Christmas should be about Joy and "Peace on earth, good will toward men". If you need a really good Christmas laugh, please watch Christmas with the Kranks, Home Alone, A Christmas Story, or just about anything else!

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