Shirley Jones Movie Marathon - July 13th, 2011!

Classic Movie Stars from a bygone era are absolutely amazing! There are some "very rare" great talents today, however it is difficult to compare anyone to the likes, of say, Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney, Shirley Temple, Van Johnson, Doris Day, Fred Astaire, Gordon MacRae, and Shirley Jones! They were in a class, certainly, all by themselves!

They could do it all... Act, Sing, Dance, and Entertain, like no other!

Shirley Jones and Robert Preston
in The Music Man

"Oh, what a Beautiful Morning,
Oh, what a Beautiful Day..."

Be sure to catch the Shirley Jones Movies
on Turner Classic Movies, Today!

Oklahoma! (50th Anniversary Edition)July 13, 2011 - Wednesday :

The Music Man (1962, Shirley Jones) ... TCM ... 8 PM

The Courtship Of Eddie's Father (1963, Shirley Jones) ... TCM ... 11 PM

A Ticklish Affair (1963, Shirley Jones) ... TCM ... 1:15 AM

Oklahoma! (1955, Shirley Jones) ... TCM ... 3 AM

The Secret Of My Success (1965, Shirley Jones) ... TCM ... 5:30 AM

My all-time favorite Shirley Jones Movies are The Music Man and April Love. Unfortunately, April Love will not be shown, today, on TCM; however, The Music Man will be the very first Feature Presentation at 8 PM est. It was the first 'Shirley Jones' Movie I had ever seen... so amazing and colorful.... full of singing, dancing, intrigue, and romance! I love it and Shirley Jones in it!

Enjoy! Ideal Family Film!

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