The Roloffs Return to TLC in "Little People Big World"

Well, I must say, since the 4th of July has passed, our thoughts are moving more and more to the Fall.... And, when Pumpkin Season comes, I can't help but think of Matt Roloff and the entire Roloff family and of course, the Roloff Farm Pumpkin Patch!

TLC Press Release:

The Roloffs Return! TLC orders four new LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD specials

TLC today confirmed that it has ordered four new LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD specials, bringing back the beloved Roloff family - husband and wife Matt and Amy, and their children Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob. The groundbreaking series, the first to take viewers into the real-life challenges and celebrations of a family comprised of little and average height people, ran on TLC from 2006 - 2010.

The first special will resolve the cliffhangers left from the series finale, including the state of Matt and Amy's marriage, if the family sold the farm, and what's become of the kids. It will tentatively air in early October, 2011. Production began this week.

"The response from the fans since LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD's finale has been overwhelming, asking how we're doing and what's the latest with the kids. These specials are going to be a great opportunity to share our families' updates with our fans from time to time through the year," said Matt & Amy Roloff.

"Across six seasons, the Roloffs shared unfiltered access to their remarkable lives, and these specials are a great opportunity to update the TLC audience on their latest developments," said Amy Winter, GM, TLC. "Matt and Amy will always be part of our network's family and we know their fans will be excited to reconnect."

Gay Rosenthal Productions is producing the specials for TLC.


There are just a few Reality Shows that are decent enough for family viewing. The Duggars Show is definitely one of them, with their show 19 Kids and Counting, which also airs on TLC.

It will be great to have the Roloffs back, even if it's just for these 4 "Little People Big World" specials. I can't wait to see if there are any changes on the Roloff farm... Will there be new additions, attractions, and surprises? The last addition, I believe, we saw - was Matt's Noah's Ark. I wonder if they have done anything else with it?

Even though I know their road hasn't been easy, physically, they never seem to have a disability. Instead, they are always able to do so much and are such an inspiration to so many!

For now, I love summer and I am holding on to it as long as I can, but when October comes... I will absolutely be looking forward to catching up with the Roloff Family on TLC!

God bless the Roloff Family!!!!!

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