"ANDY HARDY" Movie Marathon Day on TCM

December 16, 2010 ~ Thursday:

If you love Mickey Rooney,
then you will love TCM (Turner Classic Movies) Today!!!

Today is ANDY HARDY schemes, girlfriends, money mix-ups, car troubles, friendships, adventures, and the best family movie moments!

They are family friendly movies that can't be beat! And, one is even Christmas, LOVE FINDS ANDY HARDY. Hopefully you can record it - because it airs tonight at 2:30 AM to 4:15 AM.

This movie includes all the joyful and lighthearted antics of Andy Hardy into one film! Andy has trouble with his girlfriend Polly and his friend Beezy, plus trouble buying his car, and well, everything is a mess, but somehow or other... it all works out in the end... because Andy has a very supportive family and very kind father, Judge Hardy. This film also includes the introduction of Judy Garland into the movie series, too... so it really is a gem and a fun Christmas Story of Andy having too many dates to the Christmas Dance! So Cute - you'll adore the ending!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Also, don't forget the premiere of Gift of the Magi - tonight on the Hallmark Channel!

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