Thoughts of Christmas and more....

I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas Day and Vacation with your Family and Friends!

It's nice to write you all again and tell you how much I enjoyed this Holy Season. I have warm special memories of Advent, Christmas Eve Candlelight, singing Christmas Carols, and listening to the greatest gift... in the story of Luke 2. Opening presents on Christmas Day was fun, too! But, I have always been most excited to give!

Also, I know a lot of you have e-mailed me questions since Christmas, and well, to make a long story short... Both my Nephew and I, started feeling "under the weather" on Christmas day... and we actually only made it through half our gifts. I am finally feeling much better today, but other family members have come down with it since. We still have "wrapped presents" under our tree.... so, we are planning (as Nanny tells Eloise) on Two Christmases, as soon as everyone is well! (I pray soon!)

So.... that's why, I'm just now getting back to answering your Questions. Many of you have wondered where the movie, An Old Fashioned Christmas, went the other night on the Hallmark Channel ~ when it was scheduled to be be played. I am looking into that and will let you know as soon as I do!

I will be doing some updating to a few pages around here - so stay tuned! Remember It's a Wonderful Movie is up all year and I cover all the new Family Movies I can find airing on TV all throughout the Year.... Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall... and back again to our Favorite Time of Year.... CHRISTMAS!

I hope you will all stay along for the journey into the New Year!

God's Blessings,
Net Movie Blogger

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