Movie Review - Christmas Cupid

Often, you all write and share your thoughts on Movies, and I so appreciate that. Most of the time they are brief comments on whether you liked the movie or not. This one was different. I just received a very well-written review of Christmas Cupid I wanted to share with all of you - below the Movie image in bold text.

I, generally, enjoy all Christmas Movies and do my best to catch them all... However, it is a busy time of year and that is not always possible. Most movies I watch because I enjoy Christmas Movies - some I watch just to give a review here.

Well, after seeing the endless annoying Commercials promoting Christmas Cupid during other Christmas movies I was watching - our family decided not to watch this one. And, please trust me, this is very rare. But, after reading the review below, sent in by one you - I am so very glad we did!

Movie Review - Christmas Cupid:

"First I want to thank you for your wonderful Christmas movie list. It is a tradition in my family to watch Christmas movies together.

Everyone should avoid putting Christmas Cupid on their list. It is being shown on the family channel of all things! The movie was advertised to death on Cox Cable. I love Christmas movies old and new. This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen in my life. There was no passion for Christmas or any of the meaning that go along with the holiday. The chemistry amongst the actors was non-existent. The main character who played Cupid had a martini in her hand the entire time, even in the after life. She even commented that she was not worried about “getting her angel wings on the other side”, because there was an open bar. At the end when Cupid’s love struck friend lifted her own martini glass to toast her beloved Cupid friend, I was left more than disappointed.

The message sent by this movie had nothing to do with Christmas, or with Cupid for that matter. It was more than disappointing. If any of you have children, I would not recommend this movie for them. It contains vulgar language, sexual activity without consequence at a young age and at an age were the main character should know better, backstabbing work place values along with sexual activity with fellow co-workers, alcoholism that is never controlled etc. Parents already have a hard enough time managing the ever existent pressures children already have in real life. I just turned on the television and it is on right now on the ABC “family” channel. Some family movie this one is.

I think the writer of the film needs to be visited by a few Christmas ghosts past and present to teach them the meaning of Christmas. Our world needs more than this now in order to heal. People need something during these times that makes them feel good. That warm fuzzy feeling.

Anyway, if you have not seen this movie I recommend you save a few moments of your precious life and watch something else. Go and do a random act of kindness for someone. Maybe that will make up for how bad this movie is. ABC has really let down their followers on the family channel. First it was Dirty Little liars and now Christmas Cupid. Christmas Cupid should have warning statements before anyone has to view it.

Have a happy holidays, and walk with great discernment. Surround yourself with good family, and friends."


Thank you, J.J., for your very informative review. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. After reading your comments, I must say they confirmed all my suspicions regarding the movie. I am glad to post your review and warn others who have strong beliefs in what a true Angel should be like, and feel as I do, that a Christmas Movie should uphold certain values in representing this Holy Season!

Thank you & God Bless You!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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