Honeymoon for One - Hallmark Channel Movie


Honeymoon for One

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: August 13, 2011


Nicollette Sheridan ... Eve Parker
Greg Wise ... Sean
Patrick Baladi ... Greg
Katie Bannon ... Kathleen


An ambitious advertising executive finds out her fiancĂ© is cheating on her just days before their wedding. She calls things off, but decides to embark on their honeymoon to Ireland solo, where she meets a simple Irishman who shows her love doesn’t have to be complicated.

Movie Review:

This was a fairly predictable and fairly decent Romantic Comedy. Any fans of Nicollette Sheridan should enjoy it - as she is in nearly every scene!

As far as being decent - well, the only minor thing was the implication that she and her fiance are living with one another. Otherwise, there were no improper situations. Eve is on the phone in her bathroom and her boyfriend is on the phone in his bathroom, talking to one another- then they both, still on the phone, meet each other at the front door.

Eve discovers, before their wedding, that her fiance is cheating on her - so of course, the wedding is off and she eventually decides to go on their Honeymoon alone - where she meets a handsome Irishman. Instantly they are attracted to one another and become attached, yet, she will be going home and he is a single father, not sure of opening himself up to relationships and busy trying to protect their homeland of redevelopment projects that would ruin the local inn, other businesses, and the nature around them.

It is a Hallmark Movie, after all... so of course there is a predictable happy ending - they fall in love and the land is saved! Very sappy, but sweet... a happy love story!

See or Skip:

See, if you enjoy romantic comedies.


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