The Waltons return to TV!

The Waltons: The Complete First SeasonFor those of you who have followed my blog now for awhile - you must know how much I love Christmas Movies, Family Movies, Christian Movies, and the Television Show, The Waltons!

Back in mid-May, a man from the Inspiration Network contacted me - asking my opinion on what family shows people were wanting to see and explaining that they would be moving their channel into a more family show format.

Well, of course I went on and on about The Waltons and explained that many fans were disappointed when the Hallmark Channel removed them from their line-up. He was grateful for the feedback and all of the shows I suggested - so now I am thrilled to share that they will, indeed, be picking up The Waltons series, after all.

The Waltons: The Complete Second SeasonThe Waltons will return to TV on the Inspiration Network with a Reunion Special on October 18th and then the entire series will begin from Season One! I think the network will begin a whole new look of adding more family programming to their channel on this day, as well.

Find the Inspiration Network on...

DISH NETWORK Channel - 259
DIRECTV Channel - 364

visit Inspiration's Web-site for more channel details.

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