Perfectly Prudence - Hallmark Channel Movie


Perfectly Prudence
Originally Titled: At Home With Prudence

Please Note: This is a Sequel to the 2008, Mystery Movie - Dear Prudence.

A "Dr. Quinn" Reunion: This movie also stars Joe Lando, who played Jane Seymour's Husband and Love Interest on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

A Family Affair: Joining Jane Seymour in this movie, is her real-life love, husband, James Keach and daughter, Katie Flynn.

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: January 8, 2011


Jane Seymour ... Prudence McCoy
Matt Jones ... Nigel
Joe Lando ... Jack
James Keach ... Mister
Katie Flynn ... Annie
Adam Kaufman ... Michael

last image: from Jane Seymour's blog


This is a Sequel to the Hallmark Channel Movie - Dear Prudence. This is another mystery wrapped around the character of Prudence McCoy, a humorous, Martha Stewart-like TV personality, well known for her ingenious PruPointers™ program of homespun remedies for a variety of life’s little problems.

Prudence MacIntyre is asked to make changes to her successful television show when the network sends in new producers to revamp her image. To her surprise, one of the producers is an old flame, and the other is a seedy womanizer who enchants Prudence's daughter. With the help of her faithful sidekick Nigel, Prudence rekindles the love she thought she lost, protects her daughter from the wrong guy, and finds a way to keep her show right on track.

Movie Review:

For fans of Dr Quinn... I know it will be interesting and intriging for you to see Dr. Mike & Sully together again as a Couple... since Joe Lando, who played Jane Seymour's Husband and Love Interest on Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, also plays her love interest in Perfectly Prudence, as well!

This Movie is not recommended for young viewers, though. I truly don't think many would stick with the story, anyway. It's kind of slow moving at first. Jane Seymour's Daughter portrays her daughter in this, her acting is good, and of course, the two worked well together.

What I wasn't particularly fond of... repeated remarks of Prudence past steamy romance with Jack. The two were never married, by the way. However, the chemistry between their characters is undeniably strong - sparks fly!

Prudence (Jane Seymour) has a "Martha Stewart" type show and it is being taken over by new Producers... one of which, is Jack (Joe Lando), of course. They ask her to change her image and her show in ways she would never dream. One way is by adding a new co-host, who just happens to be a blonde-bimbo type... (with big hair and tight dresses) who we later learn - got her job because she is involved with the other producer, Michael. They are found together twice - once on a couch (kissing) and then later, on a picnic blanket in the woods.

At times, the show is somewhat cheesy, thrown in with some minor language, drinking, and then Prudence's boss, named Mister, shows up - he hits on Prudence, but she turns him down.... which is all the more funny because her boss, Mister, is portrayed by her real-life husband James Keach.

The show is wrapped up fairly quickly at the end....


Mister, her boss, loves the show that Prudence and her crew produced. They didn't go with any of the new changes.

And, in the very last 30 seconds - Prudence reveals to Jack that Annie (a grown woman now) is also his daughter. He is calm and takes it all in too well - instantly forgiving Prudence, as they call for Annie two seconds later - deciding to tell her, too. It just seemed too fast, and yet, predictable!

See or Skip:

See, (for adults) if you ever loved Dr. Quinn and want to see Jane Seymour & Joe Lando acting again... plus, you'll see Jane acting with her real life daughter and husband!

Skip, for family viewing!!!


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