Happy Birthday Mickey Rooney - September 23, 2010!!!

Actor, Mickey Rooney was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 23, 1920!

Happy 90th Birthday, Mickey!!!

He's been acting since he was a very young child and today, TCM honors Mickey Rooney's Movie Career, on his Birthday, with a Movie Marathon! (Two are Andy Hardy films!) See the list below...

Mickey Rooney: The Long and the Short of ItOf all the great actors, Mickey Rooney is one of my absolute favorites! In my opinion, he's at the very top with greats like Jimmy Stewart, Cary Grant, and Van Johnson. I've adored Mickey since the very first time I watched an Andy Hardy movie... he was sweet, he was innocent, he was energetic and real, and best of all, fun! And today, he still lights up the screen in whatever character he portrays!

September 23, 2010 Thursday

Happy Birthday Mickey Rooney!!!

The Life of Jimmy Dolan
... TCM ... 6:15 AM

Home For Christmas
Broadway to Hollywood
... TCM ... 9 AM

Death on The Diamond
... TCM ... 10:30 AM

A Family Affair (1936)
(Andy Hardy Movie)
... TCM ... 11:45 AM

Down The Stretch (1936)
 ... TCM ... 1:00 PM

You're Only Young Once (1938)
(Andy Hardy Movie)
... TCM ... 2:15 PM
Love Finds Andy Hardy 
Stablemates (1938)
... TCM ... 3:45 PM

Love Is A Headache (1938)
... TCM ... 5:15 PM

He's a Cockeyed Wonder (1950)
... TCM ... 6:30 PM

For Christmas Movie fans...
check out Mickey Rooney's Christmas Movies on DVD -

Love finds Andy Hardy and Home for Christmas!

Thank you, Mickey Rooney, for all of these wonderful and delightful films! You have brought our family and millions of others... such Joy!

God bless you and May you have a very Happy 90th Birthday Celebration!

for your Military Service to our Country...
We Salute You!

And, just like Betsy Booth...
We'll always be Sweet on You!

Happy Birthday Mr. Mickey Rooney!!!


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