Battle of the Bulbs - Hallmark Channel Christmas Movie


Battle of the Bulbs

Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: December 18, 2010


Daniel Stern ... Bob
Matt Frewer ... Stu
Teryl Rothery ... Mary Jones
Emily Tennant ... Susie Wallace
Ellie Harvie ... Doris
Allison Hossack ... Mindy Wallace
Ryan Grantham ... Tim Wallace
C. Ernst Harth ... Walter Duncan
Alf Humphreys ... Mayor
Morgan Brayton ... Helen Duncan
Jorge Vargas ... Raymond
Lesley Ewen ... Clerk
Daryl Shuttleworth ... Fire Marshall
Maxine Miller ... Lesley McKane
Tim Henry ... Mr. Sutton
Donna White ... Mrs. Haynes
Luis Javier ... Joe
William Hutchinson ... Chip Jones


Daniel Stern ("Home Alone") and Matt Frewer ("Eureka") put the cool in Yule in the Hallmark Channel Original Movie, Battle of the Bulbs. The film is about dueling neighbors whose Christmas decorating rivalry turns so outrageous, it puts the "no" in "Noel" for the small town sponsoring the annual fete. Hallmark Channel is the biggest holiday destination in television.

Bob (Stern) and Stu (Frewer) are former best friends whose relationship went sour early in life over a friendly wager. Though decades have passed since the incident, neither man is giving up on the grudge. Imagine Bob's surprise when he discovers his old nemisis Stu is back, has moved into the house across the street, and is taking him on mano y mano (loose translation: How many donkeys should one live nativity scene have?) in a competition to win the town's annual Christmas decorating contest. There is no ornament too flimsy, no filament too thin to keep these two warriors from assaulting each other with laser-like illumination and, finally, merrily melting down the town's electrical systems. But when Stu's son falls in love with Bob's daughter, the two men find exceeding abundantly in life is much more important than exceeding the maximum wattage.

"Battle of the Bulbs," is a Brightlight Pictures Production in association with Daniel L. Paulson Productions. Dan Paulson and Shawn Williamson are the executive producers. Jamie Goehring is the producer. Harvey Frost directed from a script by W. Paul Thompson.

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