Christmas in January... it's all in the Heart!!!

A Nanny For ChristmasWell, it may be after Christmas officially by the Calendar, but I still find ways to celebrate and keep the Season alive! I continue to listen to Christmas Music and watch some of those Christmas movies I taped during December when I was way too busy to watch some nights! Last night, our family watched: A Nanny for Christmas. It was pretty cute - a nice family movie with a sweet love story mixed in.

And, even though it is after Christmas, I still look to see if I can find any Christmas Movies, sitcoms, anything, etc... on TV. On Monday night, I watched The Next Great Baker - just because they were making Christmas themed cakes. Buddy (the Cake Boss) is absolutely amazing at creating & decorating cakes. It was fun to watch the others try and do in 30 minutes what he can do in less than 5! Incredible! (( It is being replayed: Cake Boss: Next Great Baker - 'Tis the Season to Be Jolly! - Monday, January 10th, at 6:00 PM. ))

Also, I have marked on my Calendar to watch Cary Grant in An Affair to Remember ( Tonight, January 5th, 10:30 PM on TCM ) and The Bishop's Wife  ( Thursday afternoon, January 6th, 3 PM on TCM ).

The Bishop's WifeI love old movies, but I have never really seen An Affair to Remember. Doesn't it take place around the Holidays... specifically New Years? I have seen The Bishop's Wife numerous times... it is very Christmassy! I love when they show the children staring in the storefront windows with wonder and excitement on their faces. I also love that their daughter is ZuZu from It's a Wonderful Life!

Enjoy, Everyone! If you want to keep the Christmas Season in your Heart just a little longer, then I certainly hope you do!

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