My Apology for Downton Abbey

If you have been following my blog over Christmas, then you may have read the post - saying that we had to postpone our Family Christmas Dinner and Opening of Presents due to the cold/flu. Well, thankfully, everyone in our family is well now, and we were able to have our Family Christmas get together last Sunday evening, January 9th.

That same Sunday evening was the night Downton Abbey premiered on PBS's Masterpiece Theatre; therefore, I was not able to watch that night, and just learned yesterday afternoon of the non-family friendly content in the film. I was disheartened to hear of this news, as I was so looking forward to watching an intelligent historical film with my family, as we all enjoyed the Cranford Series.

I apologize to each and every one of you, especially any of you, who watched this with children. When I originally promoted this movie, I wrote that I was not certain if it would be family-friendly, and unfortunately that was right. It was not. As a Christian, I cannot recommend this movie to anyone and I will remove this film from the Family Schedule, and other pages, but I will keep it in the Movie Review Section to inform others.

Please know, that when a Movie is New to TV, I have not viewed it, yet. Unfortunately, I do not have access to these films to see them before they air. I always recommend that you read the synopsis, check ratings, etc... before watching with your families. Also, I always appreciate you all giving your feedback and all the information you share regarding these films, as well.

I am personally, so tired of the constant immorality portrayed on Modern TV, along with the lack of Parental Authorities and Teenage Discipline. There's nothing Pretty about Little Liars and Parents should know the Secret Lives of their American Teenagers. Sadly, these programs must get good ratings to stay on TV and promote their sinfulness. Our family is definitely not watching these and other programs like them.

I really never dreamed such content would be in this film. Again, I apologize for sharing Downton Abbey. I appreciate all of you who visit my site and it is my desire to share with you what is good and wholesome for your family movie night.

May God bless you and your families as you strive, in this world today, to teach your children what is good and right!

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