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Downton Abbey

Network: PBS

Original Air Date: January 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2011

*NOT Family Friendly! Read under Comments Area Below!

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Robert, Earl of Grantham ... Hugh Bonneville
Lady Sybil Crawley ... Jessica Brown-Findlay
Lady Edith Crawley ... Laura Carmichael
Mr. Carson ... Jim Carter
John Bates ... Brendan Coyle
Lady Mary Crawley ... Michelle Dockery
O'Brien ... Siobhan Finneran
Anna ... Joanne Froggatt
William ... Thomas Howes
Thomas ... Rob James-Collier
Gwen ... Rose Leslie
Mrs. Hughes ... Phyllis Logan
Cora, Countess of Grantham ... Elizabeth McGovern
Daisy ... Sophie McShera
Mrs. Patmore ... Lesley Nicol
Violet, Dowager Countess of Grantham ... Maggie Smith
Matthew Crawley ... Dan Stevens
Isobel Crawley ... Penelope Wilton
Sir Anthony Strallan ... Robert Bathurst
Lady Rosamund Painswick ... Samantha Bond
Duke of Crowborough ... Charlie Cox
George Murray ... Jonathan Coy
Molesley ... Kevin Doyle
Taylor ... Lionel Guyett
Postmaster ... Jonathan Jaynes
Paperboy ... Perry Millward
Postmaster's Wife ... Helen Sheals
Lynch ... Andrew Westfield
Charles Grigg ... Nicky Henson
Kemal Pamuk ... Theo James
Tom Branson ... Allen Leech
Shopkeeper ... Roger Morlidge
John Drake ... Fergus O'Donnell
Evelyn Napier ... Brandan Patricks
Dr. Clarkson ... David Robb
Mrs. Drake ... Cathy Sara
Man at Smithy ... Colin R. Campbell
Joe Burns ... Bill Fellows
Bill Molesley ... Bernard Gallagher
Nurse ... Elizabeth Hill
Clerk ... Martin Reeve
Farmer ... Dean Williamson
Liberal Candidate ... Jamie De Courcey
NCO ... Richard Hawley
Dr. at Moorfields Hospital ... Ian Kelly
Thug ... Mark Kelly
Mrs. Bird ... Christine Lohr
High Sherriff ... Gerard McDermott
Mr. Bromidge ... Sean McKenzie
Mrs. Bates


from PBS:

The Downton Abbey estate stands a splendid example of Victorian confidence and mettle, its family enduring for generations and its staff a well-oiled machine of propriety. But change is afoot at Downton — change far surpassing the new electric lights and telephone. A crisis of inheritance threatens to displace the resident Crawley family, in spite of the best efforts of the noble and compassionate Earl, Robert Crawley (Hugh Bonneville, Miss Austen Regrets); his American heiress wife, Cora (Elizabeth McGovern); his comically implacable, opinionated mother, Violet (Maggie Smith, David Copperfield); and his beautiful, eldest daughter, Mary, intent on charting her own course. Reluctantly, the family is forced to welcome its heir apparent, the self-made and proudly modern Matthew Crawley (Dan Stevens), himself none too happy about the new arrangements. As Matthew's bristly relationship with Mary begins to crackle with electricity, hope for the future of Downton's dynasty takes shape. But when petty jealousies and ambitions grow among the family and the staff, scheming and secrets — both delicious and dangerous — threaten to derail the scramble to preserve Downton Abbey. Created and written by Oscar-winner Julian Fellowes (Gosford Park), Downton Abbey offers a spot-on portrait of a vanishing way of life.

Movie Review:

I was hoping for a nice period drama. I'm tired of constant Immorality portrayed on Modern TV. However, I have just learned that this film contains a same-sex couple kiss within the first episode. I was looking at a lovely blog, titled: Enchanted Serenity of Period Films and discovered this information from reading a well-written response from someone there. I hope they don't mind my sharing this news here:

"It's interesting that apparently the Brits think we Americans aren't as sophisticated as they are when it comes to our entertainment preferences, and yet they didn't hesitate to promote their progressive worldview as far as the same-sex kiss in the first episode. The storyline and acting are terrific, but that scene definitely takes it off the family-friendly list for countless period piece fans in the U.S. Really a shame, as they could have implied that relationship without showing it graphically." - Emilie

See or Skip:

Skip. Do NOT see this show with your family!


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