A Valentine’s Date - Hallmark Channel Movie


A Valentine’s Date

Also Known As: Your Love Never Fails

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Network: Hallmark Channel

Original Air Date: February 4, 2011


Elisa Donovan ... Laura Conners

Brad Rowe ... Dylan

Tom Skerritt ... Jack Conners

John Schneider ... Pastor Frank

Tracey Gold ... Samantha Pierce

Catherine Hicks ... the Judge

Fred Willard ... Paul, Laura's Boss


February 14th is a day of hearts and flowers and sweet sentiments, unless you are Laura Conners and Dylan Hackett, former sweethearts and spouses on the verge of divorce. Laura, a busy bank executive has moved her daughter Kelsey to New York to restart their lives after separating from her husband and childhood sweetheart Dylan, who still resides in Texas. Laura’s been so immersed in her job, she has conveniently forgotten to sign the divorce papers buried at the bottom of her purse. Since Laura and Kelsey moved to New York six years ago, Dylan has seen his daughter on a mere handful of occasions. He’s had enough. Dylan sues Laura for custody, forcing her to return to Texas.

At the hearing, the pair begin bickering, forcing a Texas State Family Court Judge to order a cooling off period to give Dylan and Laura a chance to think about what’s most important – Kelsey. The judge re-sets the custody hearing for February 14. Now Laura, Dylan and Kelsey have a Valentine’s date to remember what made them a loving family, so that everyone’s heart can be happy once more.

“A Valentine’s Date” is executive produced by Barry Barnholtz, Zelma Kiwi and Jeffrey Schenck, produced by Michael Feifer and co-produced by Peter Sullivan. The movie is based on original material by Jeffrey Schenck and Peter Sullivan. “A Valentine’s Date” is directed by Michael Feifer from a screenplay by Michael Feifer and Peter Sullivan. Music by Andres Boulton.

Movie Review:

This was a delightful movie to sit back, relax, and watch.... a Terrific Family Film.

There is a sweet love story, a cute little girl, and a beautiful outdoor setting of country-side and horses.

Laura (Elisa Donovan) is living in New York with her daughter, Kelsey (Kirstin Dorn), and living on the fast track to success. She has left her husband, home, father, family, friends, and everything back in Texas. Nothing seems to slow her down, until her husband, Dylan (Brad Rowe),who she is seperated from, files for joint custody of their daughter. He is tired of only seeing his little girl only a couple times a year. This forces Laura and Kelsey to go home to Texas for a hearing.

The Judge (Catherine Hicks) is not sympathetic towards Laura and reschedules their hearing on Monday, February 14th - Valentine's day - and asks them to talk it over and come to their own agreement. Well, this makes for a long weekend - as the couple disagrees back and forth as to what should be done. Dylan remains very calm over the matter and eventually reveals to Laura that he had been speaking to their Pastor, Frank (John Schneider) and he asked him - 'if, at the end of his life would he be happy with the choices he has made.' Dylan said, no. This was an interesting and thoughtful moment in the movie - you could tell Laura felt the same way about their lives and each other.

(see the script to Pastor Frank's sermon about Marriage below.)

Everything, seems to slowly be working out between Dylan and Laura.... however, things take a turn when Laura's Attorney, Samantha Pierce (Tracey Gold), reveals to Laura that Dylan is near broke and losing his family's ranch. He can't possibly ever win custody of their daughter.

What will Laura do now? Expose Dylan and run off with their daughter - back to New York - or can Laura and Dylan learn to forgive, trust, and love one another again?

The ending is just as sweet as the rest of the movie. The all-star cast is spectacular and believable in all of their unique roles in the lives of this couple.

Enjoy.... ahhhhh.... a Happy Ending!

See or Skip:

See, Sweet Movie!

Very Family Friendly!

Pastor Frank's Marriage Sermon:
(portrayed by John Schneider)

"Today I want to talk about something I haven't talked about very much in this church."

"Hello." (The Pastor acknowledges Dylan, as he waves from the back and walks in late and joins his family, in their pew.)

"Something that is very important. I want to talk about marriage. I've married a lot of couples over the years. Some of who are sitting in this church right now. They always come to me with the same wish... they want a perfect marriage. So today I want to ask everybody here - exactly, what is that? - what is a perfect marriage?

Now, a wife might tell me that a perfect marriage is one where her husband is devoted without question... he's loyal, he's deeply sensitive to her needs.

A husband might tell me... a perfect marriage is one where the wife goes out on Sunday afternoon so he can sit down and watch the game.

Yeah, my point is... everyone has their own definition of what a perfect marriage should be. As long as that's the case, no marriage can ever truly be perfect. Perhaps the question is not what we want the relationship to be, but rather what we need one to be. Maybe there's an emptiness inside their soul. They are looking for something to fill it. But, Marriage is not some kind of spiritual spackle. See, only God can fill that void. What we need is a partnership and that, like any partnership, takes skill. Takes effort.

Look here, we're out of time, go ye out into all the world and Love One Another!"


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