Hallmark "Movie" Channel - still waiting for Standard Version on DirecTV

March 9, 2011

I have personally wanted to have the Hallmark "Movie" Channel  for years. Every time I call my Cable provider - DirecTV, and request this station - they tell me I already have the Hallmark Channel - and I have to say, Yes, I know - I want the Hallmark MOVIE Channel (HMC).

Then, they tell me... it is available through DirecTV - if you own the HD receiver and have a High Def TV, which of course, costs more. I just wish they could work out a deal and offer it through regular DirecTV packages in simulcast SD (Standard Definition) - since Hallmark "Movie" Channel is available this way through other cable providers - DISH, Sky Angel, Cablevision, Verizon, etc...

According to a recent press release from Hallmark, HMC has reached a new milestone of 40 million subscribers. (according to Nielsen) “Hallmark Movie Channel’s continued success in distribution growth reflects the tremendous value of the Hallmark brand and the demand for more family friendly content,” noted Bill Abbott, President & CEO, Crown Media Holdings, Inc.

HMC is so appealing to me, due to it's family-friendly programming. I was disappointed that I could not see the Christmas Movies they aired each day in the afternoons at Christmastime and two of their new original movies - After the Fall and Goodnight for Justice.

I also know... many of you, who have AT&T U-verse have had trouble not receiving, even the Hallmark Channel. Has that issue been resolved, yet?

I am glad to have the Hallmark Channel, yet I am still waiting and hoping to get the Hallmark Movie Channel. It would be especially wonderful to have it by next Christmas! Do any of you have or want HMC? If you do, do you and your family enjoy it?

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