The Waltons Premiere Today on the Hallmark Channel + A Walton Easter News!

March 21, 2011:

Happy 2nd Day of Spring... a Time of New Beginnings!

Today, The Waltons finally return home to the Hallmark Channel...  at 3 PM!!! They will show two episodes every weekday! I'm hoping for an all day or weekend marathon in the future!

Until then, we can look forward to an all day marathon of The Waltons on April 3rd, on (GMC) the Gospel Music Channel. They will start airing shows at 11 AM that morning and they will last all throughout the day and into the night! A Walton Easter will be shown, as well, at 7 PM, and repeating at 9 PM! ( I was hoping for it!)

(Please Note: This blog is mostly about family films and TV movies; however, sometimes I must mention whenever there is news on any family shows or dramas, especially The Waltons, my absolute favorite!)

Season One - Opening Theme:

The Complete Series of The Waltons, is available on dvd, here:

The Waltons: The Complete Seasons 1-9

"A Walton Easter" Intro Video:

A Walton Easter is available on DVD, along with 5 other Reunion Movies from The Waltons, here:

The Waltons Movie Collection (A Wedding on Walton's Mountain / Mother's Day / A Day for Thanks / A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion / Wedding / Easter)

Enjoy Everybody!

And, Welcome back home,Walton Family, to the Hallmark Channel!

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