TV News for "The Waltons"

March 16, 2011-


The Waltons: The Complete First SeasonBREAKING NEWS #1:
Hallmark Channel Schedule:

The Waltons will begin to air on the Hallmark Channel... 3 PM - 5 PM (est), weekdays, starting on Monday, March 21st, 2011. Yeah!!!!

They brought the show back due to viewers request!

INSP "Walton DVD News":

The Waltons: The Complete Second SeasonI was just informed - that INSP is going to have more upcoming giveaways of The Waltons DVDs. Be sure and check their website or connect with INSP on Facebook at

(You can see the full comment response, from INSP, here)

The Waltons air twice daily on INSP - at 1 PM & 8 PM (est). This is the same episode.

One More Network to air The Waltons:

The Waltons: The Complete Third SeasonThe Gospel Music Channel will also start airing episodes of The Waltons!

So far, all we know is... The Waltons program is coming to GMC - starting with an All Day Marathon on Sunday, April 3rd, 2011! (I think this is wonderful - as it just so happens to also be my Birthday! Yeah! An early gift for me!)

More News to come on when it will air following the marathon, etc...

I hope everyone enjoys this Wonderful Walton News! This is especially great for devoted Waltons fans who have waited 3 years after the show ended on the Hallmark Channel. I know many were elated to have the show back on INSP - and now to have it also join the Hallmark Channel, again, and the Gospel Music Channel - is completely amazing!

Maybe one of these channels will also play, A Walton Easter, one of the Reunion Movies, this year! We can hope!

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