The Waltons return to the Hallmark Channel !

The Hallmark Channel welcomes everyone home to Waltons Mountain - on Monday, March 21, 2011 - a week from Today!

This is terrific news for all fans of The Waltons who will now have their favorite show on INSP (the Inspiration Network) and The Hallmark Channel.

The Waltons airs twice weekdays - at 1 PM and 8 PM. (This is the same episode)

On Hallmark:
Noone knows, yet - what time it will air - beginning March 21. The only thing we know, so far, is that fans of The Waltons were persistant in requesting that the Hallmark Channel bring their favorite program back to their network and they have succeeded! More details to come - as soon as they are revealed by Hallmark!

I personally think it would be a good time to air two episodes at 6 pm & 7 pm - before your prime time show or movie. I think of The Waltons gathering around their table - so dinner time would be an appropriate time. OR, perhaps you could show two episodes at 11 pm & Midnight. Then, The Waltons could tell us all Goodnight!

Another Gift to Walton fans:
Richard Thomas (who portrayed John Boy) will star in the next New Original Hallmark Movie - this upcoming Saturday night (March 19th, 2011) on the Hallmark Channel, titled: Time after Time. Click here for details!

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