Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 ~ an ABC Family Movie Premiere Event


Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2

Network: ABC Family

Original Air Date: March 13, 2011


Christine Lakin
Emily Osment
Ernie Hudson
French Stewart
George Lopez ... Papi
Morgan Fairchild
Odette Yustman ... Chloe
Olivia Newton-John
Susan Blakely


The perils of Mexico now behind them, its puppy mayhem that turns the lives of new Chihuahua parents, Papi and Chloe, upside down when their mischievous litter presents one challenge after another. But when Papi and Chloe's humans are in trouble, the tiny pups will stop at nothing to save them because, doggone it, family sticks together. Papi, Chloe, and their brood embark on a heroic adventure, proving once again that big heroes come in small packages.

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