Flicka - Movie Review



DVD Release Date: February 6, 2007


Tim McGraw ... Rob McLaughlin
Maria Bello ... Nell McLaughlin
Alison Lohman ... Katy McLaughlin
Ryan Kwanten ... Howard McLaughlin
Danny Pino ... Jack
Dallas Roberts ... Gus
Kaylee DeFer ... Miranda Koop
Jeffrey Nordling ... Rick Koop
Dey Young ... Esther Koop
Nick Searcy ... Norbert Rye
Buck Taylor ... Wagner


Set amidst spectacular mountain vistas, this inspiring, coming-of-age story features an all-star cast, including country music star Tim McGraw, Maria Bello and Alison Lohman. All headstrong 16-year-old Katy McLaughlin (Lohman) longs for is to work on her family's mountainside horse ranch - yet her father (McGraw) insists she finish boarding school. So when Katy finds a mustang in the hills, she sets out to tame the horse and prove she can one day take over the struggling ranch. But when tragedy strikes, it will take all the love and strength the family can muster to restore hope, in this sweeping, heartwarming epic the whole family will love.

Movie Review:

A beautiful scenic film for anyone who loves horses or horse movies. The story is moving and touching. It was nice to see a story about a family - with both Mother and Father, working together to raise their children and work on their farm.

Their daughter, Katy, is adventerous and headstrong - often going against her Fathers wishes. She is determined to train a Mustang, she has named Flicka. Katy sneeks out at night - when everyone is sleeping to work with the horse. Katy takes several falls off the horse, but always gets up again. When her father learns she has been training the horse, he decides it's time to sell it.

Katy is again determined to get the Mustang, her beloved Flicka, back and prove her independence. In a wild mustang competition - she gets her brother to compete with her - and she catches Flicka and rides him out of the arena and out into the woods. However, on their way home, a violent storm rages, rain soaks them, and in the dark of night, Flicka is attacked by a cougar.

They are both eventually found, Katy is sick and Flicka is weak. The question then becomes... will Flicka be able to survive or will Katy's Father put him down?

In the end, Father and Daughter will finally come to terms with their differences and accept one another. It's a beautiful happy ending - I think you'll enjoy!

I also love the Tim McGraw song, "My Little Girl". It is so beautiful!

See or Skip:

See, especially if you love horses.


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